About Us

We believe that every child's special day should be an occasion to remember - an exciting, fun-filled event that says you are loved, appreciated and admired just for being "you."

We started creating Western parties for our grandchildren several years ago.  The parties were so popular that guests began asking us to recreate them for their children's special occasions.

A Rosa Luz Party is a day of surprises and fun, an experience that your child will always remember.  Give us a call and arrange a visit.  We'd love to meet you and show you around the ranch.   

Trail Boss - Judy   (602) 999-9617      
Trail Boss - Jenny

                   COWBOY CONNER
Cowboy Conner and Cochise give a little cowgirl a ride.

Cowboy Conner reads a clue for the Treasure Hunt.

                      COWBOY CHRIS     

Cowboy Chris helps a cowgirl place her stirrup. 


Cowboy Chris and Glori give a pretty cowgirl a ride.

                    COWBOY SCOTT
Cowboy Scott and Nicki give a happy cowboy a ride. 

 Headin' out with cowboy Scott and Nicki. 

Chile Pepper is on the run.


Chile Pepper, after becoming a Rosa Luz Cowboy, and his new cowboy friend.  Chile Pepper is OK!

Chile Pepper finally gets some cake with the kids.

                 TRAIL BOSS JENNY

Trail Boss Jenny cheers for the kickball players.

Trail Boss Jenny helps a little cowboy with his fishing pole at the Pond of the Rainbow Fish.

                  TRAIL BOSS JUDY

Sometimes a little buckaroo needs some special encouragement.

I think I can.

It's OK little cowpoke.  Trail Boss Judy, Cowboy Chris and Chile Pepper are right here to help you.

Look Mom and Dad!  I can do it!



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