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A Roza Luz Party is an exciting, funfilled experience that your child will remember for a lifetime.  Bring your cameras. 


Come to Rosa Luz Ranch and ride our gentle horses, fish in the pond of The Rainbow Fish, gather the Colored Eggs of the Easter Chickens, play a rousing game of Kickball and solve the riddles to find the Hidden Treasure.  Watch out!!! That ornery Chile Pepper may be lurking about in search of cookies and birthday cake. Don't worry kids! There's one thing Chile Pepper is scared of and that's the brave Cowboys and Cowgirls at Rosa Luz Ranch.  They're the roughest, toughest, rope throwin', bronc ridin', Cowhands in the West and Chile Pepper hasn't gotten away with a cake yet!
Yee Hah!

Hit the trail!

Come on in - join the fun!

Pond of the Rainbow Fish

Kickin' like a Cowgirl Princess!

The Guardian of the treasure and three new friends.

Chile Pepper is on the run with the Cowboys in hot pursuit!

Chile Pepper almost got the cake!

We've got him!

I'm sorry for my ornery ways, Mrs. Trail Boss.  All I ever wanted was to be a Rosa Luz Cowboy.

Chile Pepper, do you promise to live by the Rosa Luz Cowboy code of the West?

Fight evil and wrongdoing; be kind to little buckaroos and always respect your Mama and your Papa.

I promise on my Grandma's sweet heart.

Very well, Chile Pepper.  Now come on over here and help these little buckaroos get their treasure.  When you're finished, go find Cowgirl Chelsea and ask her to give you a haircut.

Chile Pepper is now a true Rosa Luz Cowboy and finally gets some cake with the kids.

This is some good Cowboy grub.

Nothin' like ice cream after a hard day in the saddle.

Come on down to Rosa Luz and join the party!

                          WE HAD FUN!

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